Measure the effectiveness of your workplace’s design and its impact  on your people.


  • 1Fully automated online workplace design experience survey
  • 2Analysis and detailed reporting of key workplace components including:
    • Key demographics
    • Design elements
    • Working styles
    • Work patterns
    • Sustainability impacts
    • Business outcomes
  • 3Unique wrkx Thrive Index™ metric providing benchmarking insights
  • 4Debrief with an experienced workplace strategist
  • 1Use data-driven insights to craft an improved workplace experience
  • 2Analyse working styles and work patterns to optimise your workplace design
  • 3Score your workplace and benchmark against industry sectors
  • 4Validate a business case for a workplace transformation
  • 5Undertake ongoing diagnostics to maintain your workplace's relevance
Detailed Survey

We measure perceptions and experiences of 21 key workplace design elements in your workplace.

Bespoke Algorithm

wrkx INDEX™ uses a bespoke algorithm to score your workplace with the wrkx Thrive Index™ metric.

Detailed Report

A detailed report gives you insight into the specific workplace design elements that are impacting your employees' experience.

Data Driven Insights

Use data-driven insights to transform your workplace and give you a true ROI on your investment.

Utilising best of breed AI driven occupancy sensors to understand your workplace occupancy and movement.

wrkx workplace usage
  • 1AI driven real-time occupancy sensors
  • 2Updated every 2 seconds and accurate to within 30cm
  • 3Detailed reporting that analyses the insights, delivered by Axiom Workplaces
  • 1Allows live measurement and monitoring of workplaces
  • 2Right size your real estate and optimise workplace density
  • 3Use a data-driven approach to help design your workplace
  • 4Gives you live data-feeds for space and desk booking and your IWMS
  • 5Get insights to assist with your flexible working arrangements
  • 6A full strategy report bringing the data to life
AI Driven Sensors

Using cutting-edge, real-time AI driven sensors.

Occupancy and Movement

Live measurement and monitoring of your workplace usage.

Workplace Analytics

Accurate to within 30cm and updated every two seconds.

Detailed Strategy

The insights are analysed by our strategists and delivered with recommendations.

Offering a deep dive into employee attitudes, examining the drivers behind their experience and behaviour.

wrkx workplace persona
  • 1Objective setting orientation meeting with our workplace strategists
  • 220-minute online assessment designed by industry leading organisational psychologists and workplace strategists
  • 3Deliver as a one-off or over several time points to track changes
  • 1Discover where and how your people do their best work
  • 2Understand your people's new working patterns, workspace behaviours, and motivations
  • 3Make data-driven decisions about hybrid working policies and practices
  • 4Create harmony between your people's virtual, physical, and personal worlds
  • 5Strengthen the social fabric of your organisation
wrkx Thrive index score 25%
wrkx Thrive Index™

Stop crunching the numbers.  Start connecting the dots.

Clearly understand and communicate to your organisation, the impacts of workplace design.